Summer Sheets, Fleece Rugs, Coolers, Show Rugs

We can supply a range of rugs from well known brands including:

  • Le Mieux
  • Premier Equine 
  • Thermatex - made to order, please allow six weeks
  • HKM
  • Catago

Bespoke rugs:

  • 100% cotton summer sheets
  • Fleece rugs
  • Merino Wool show rugs
  • Exercise sheets

 To order a Bespoke rug, Thermatex or Premier Equine rug, please click here.

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Le Mieux Thermo-Cool Rug
Le Mieux Carbon Cooler
HKM Fleece Show Rug with Collar
Bespoke Cotton Summer Sheet
Torpol Jersey Rug
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