Olympic Rules - what do you think?

Olympic Rules - what do you think?

The Olympics 🥇🥈🥉

Until I read an article, I didn’t realise how strict the rules were around use of words such as ‘Tokyo’, ‘2020’ and ‘Team GB Rider’ - don’t even think about putting them together in a sentence, even if you sponsor that rider!

Are the rules around the Olympic Games unfair to the sponsors who have supported these riders up to the highest level?

Whilst I understand the need for some rules surrounding the Olympic Games, the use of their logos / branding and some exclusivity for the main sponsors - in my opinion the rules set out for riders and their sponsors seem a bit on the harsh side.  Sponsors usually support riders to promote their brand / product and the riders often rely on this sponsorship to help them compete at the highest level.  It is also true that higher profile riders are usually more attractive to sponsors and surely being selected to be on an Olympic Team is the pinnacle of any riders career - and also for the sponsors who have supported them.

During a period called the ‘critical games period’ (14th July to 11th August) participating athletes are subjected to strict marketing restrictions.  The British Equestrian Federation have issued guidelines regarding this.  For example sponsors need to seek permission to run adverts during the games and use of the words ‘Tokyo’ and ‘2020’ together, references to Olympic Games and / or use of logos such as the five Olympic rings are best avoided.  To me this seems like such a shame as all Equestrian disciplines should be wanting to encourage sponsors to support riders and pour money into the sport and rules like these could discourage that.

In addition, even when not in an Olympic cycle, the BEF  issued a friendly warning to sponsors about referring to a ‘Team GBR rider’ or ‘Team GB rider’.  

“Riders are only Team GBR while at a championship, the other 355 days a year, that term doesn’t apply”, said a spokesman. “And Team GB isn’t anyone’s to use other than the British Olympic Association.”

“Essentially, any brands should avoid using the Olympic words, any type of Olympic intellectual property or Tokyo 2020 together – anything which creates any association with the Games,” adds the BEF.

I personally think that this is a real shame and wonder what your thoughts are on this?

It seems madness that these actual professional athletes can not be referred to  as a Team GBR rider - even if they have been in a team the week before when arguably non professionals can say what they like! I have seen plenty of people claiming to be ‘International Showjumpers’ when in fact they may have just jumped abroad once or a few times. Heck, I could call myself at International Showjumper as I competed in France in 2018 and came 3rd but the reality is I am a hobby rider / amateur on the 1* Tour 😂

It would be great to hear your views on this, whether you are a spectator, up and coming rider, sponsor or business owner considering sponsorship - please comment below 👇👇👇
Victoria Jenner

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