Featured Brand - Le Mieux

Featured Brand - Le Mieux

Le Mieux is renowned for quality and luxury and their saddlecloths and rugs are great for embroidery.

The ProSport Cotton Dressage Squares and Close Contact Saddlecloths are the most popular but GP shape and half wool cloths are also available.  The soft Bamboo lining absorbs and controls sweat under the saddle, making it beautifully comfortable and secure whilst also minimising friction.

The high wither swan neck is designed for freedom at the wither and all cloths have the Le Mieux signature girth protection area for added strength and durability.  

The Thermo-Cool rugs are smart and useful cooler / travel rugs with excellent wicking properties.  The unique Carbon nano fibre inner lining with a soft close-weave mesh, covering the shoulders, back and quarters is key for maintaining muscle temperature whilst cooling down. 

Featuring superb wicking properties, the Thermo-cool is ideal for those cooler days, post exercise, travelling and at competition.  They also have fully removable belly straps.

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